ECSA aims to mold budding engineers into industry-ready professionals. It is a platform for students to learn, grow, and excel in the field of electronics and communication engineering. ECSA provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, passion, and skills through various technical and cultural activities. ECSA ensures active interaction of students with EC alumni and external industry experts. Through ECSA, students frequently interact with each other and evolve as a strong community. It nourishes the overall development of students, including academic, professional, leadership, teamwork, and essential employability skills.

Founded by graduates of the EC 2007 BTech admission, the ECSA legacy still continues. The goal of the association is to enrich the multifaceted abilities of students, aiding in knowledge expansion and exposure. ECSA gives students the forum to understand the principles of engineering education and apply them to the domains of electronics and communications. Students are encouraged to take part in workshops, hackathons, and conferences to enhance their knowledge and professional networking skills.



Events are a core component of ECSA, playing a vital role in its activities by providing opportunities for students to engage, learn, and showcase their skills. ECSA organizes a diverse range of events, including technical seminars, workshops, competitions, conferences, hackathons, cultural festivals, and more. These events focus on enhancing students' knowledge in electronics and communication engineering, fostering innovation, creativity, and networking opportunities. ECSA events also provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and foster collaborations with industry professionals and alumni.

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Hey guys👋 ECSA is all set to bring to you a *workshop on LTspice* by H Vishnudas, who is an EC alumunus 2021 passout and is currently working as the executive engineer, Research and Development,KSB Ltd

🗓️Date: 7th Oct '23, Saturday
🕰️Time: A batch:9.00am-12.00pm
. B batch:1.00pm-4.00pm
💻Venue: Old SOE
💲Reg. fee: 30/-

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Drive link : Click here